Selected works


New City and New Drawings

Moved from Trondheim to Oslo the sixth of August. My new home and workingplace for at least two years.
There is also new drawings in the Giant skull boss folders. New epic pieces are also on the way

Otto Seitung 1909-1929 Memorial shoot in coloboration with Remy Eik

The Tidemann Family crest

My grandfather was obsessed by finding the roots of our blood and I inherited many documents leading back to 1391 in Scandinavia. Here is the crest (Slakten Tidemann och dess frandskap med Johan Blanck uti Lingarø)

Otto Seitung (RIP memorial shoot/ preview)

Sorgenfri magazine article

These images was found at

Crash Nightclub in Trondheim kind a fucked up on this one

I whould not shit-talk Crash after a good cooperative job I did in their first and second floor before the place opened. I did the graffiti in the staircase with two other guys and two Kinky oil paintings for them. While looking trough old documentation I saw this column in the first floor that I painted when the first two jobs were done. They did not like it and painted it black the day after i finished. Its a matter of taste I guess but today 4 years later It whould work to the mainstream crowd also. RIP

Homemade tape collection

If you are one of the lucky ones that grabbed yourself one copy of these bad-boys from ´Waffen uber sky channel´ I envy you. I have lost my own copy. It was made 6-10 different tapes in an edition of 5 to each tape i think. Each tape had a signed booklet of photos telling some strange abstract story that is in the same narrative as the tape. They are still out there. Here you can see the 3 first Tapes strait from the factory.

Deadeer (why the hell not)

Erik Tidemann


Erik Tidemann. Fashion shoot/ Illustration piece I did for the September issue of Natt&Dag Trondheim.



Guerilla Deer Wingman

Stills from the film in cooperation with Brad Downey

The Boner Rebellion

Ink and water dripping for some time trough my window on paper

Upcomming shows and events 2011-2012

28 May: `THE FUTURE CAN WAIT presents: Polemically Small´ (Group), Torrance Art Museum, California, USA

? June 2011: `3worldsin1´ (Group), Klaipeda, Lithuania

13 Juni 2011: Pre-view on the movie `Kunsten og overleve´. ( Jon Vatne 2011 C. TVF HIL) Cinemateket, Oslo

4-25 September 2011: `Trøndelagsutstillingen 35´(Group). Dora, Trondheim

? September 2011: Book release, `Adios 4´

14 Oktober 2011 : `†´ (Solo). NoPlace. Oslo

? February 2012 : `Giantskullboss´ (Solo), Trondheim Kunstforening

Galleri S.E

Some pictures from the show I did with Prins Preben and Karen Nikgol at Galleri S.E in Bergen, Norway in April-May. We had one section of the gallery each where Prins Preben showed drawings and watercolours, Karen Nikgol showed some bigger drawings and paintings and I showed paintings and sculptures. Here you go:

My cousins new ride

My cousin invited me over for some beers and to help him out painting his new mini-wan. I went over to Hell were he actually lives and spraypainted it from bright red to black and did a classic organic stylized flesh with holes and lots of teeth. We had 7 different colors to work with that was fine since those mini-wans can easely look like hippie wagons from a distance or completely trashed inner city cars. He had one request wich was to paint Stig Helmer (Lasse Åberg) from the cheezy 80´s scandinavian cult comedy called `Selskapsresan´and ´Halseresan´on the side. So I did some sort of mutated version of him with fascial creme and gurkins. I had a fab night alone since my cousin ditched me for school. Thanx

New updates in the sculpture folder.

The Pieces: Prince of Darkness, Nice Rack and The unexpected capture of the garbage snatcher is now finished and ready for viewing

I want to buy your dead cat

People who have got dead cats to donate for a new piece of work I am making. They will be treated with respect and the souls will live on. If you get hold of one or more: Put in a bin bag and deep freeze it before shipping. And make sure it ain’t rotten! I will pay aditional costs for postage and packaging and will pay you 500 Nkr for each cat. If you have a dead dog the same interest and deal goes with that too.

Some people are wondering if this is a joke. I can ensure you it is not a joke and I will pay

Enamel and vinyl Paintings from 2003-2006

During this period I got really into making oil based enamel paintings. I wanted to use the same paint as the graffiti murals I was making and also the model planes I used to build and paint as a kid. I loved the strong vibrant colors of the enamel paint that was easy to use and was much more liquid and dried as quickly as acrylics. So during this period I painted loads of small scale canvas boards in this media. In some of the paintings I included oil based vinyl paint also to cover larger surfaces in the background if I did bigger scale paintings.

Word of notice! If you ever want to paint with enamels if it is with brush or spraypaint. Never paint on canvas or soft materials. Enamel is not elastic such as oil and acrylic paint and with the slightest bend it will easy crack. So always use hard surfaces such as boards, hard plastics and metals.

Here are some of my paintings from the period.

Otto Seitung 1909-1929

Otto Seitung (b.1909. Painter and puppeteer) He died in 1929 unsuccessful and isolated with a visual era leaving its creators body.

I found this old album of private images belonging to a young German artist in an antique shop in a small village near Munster. Not sure if it was his real name or just some nickname but it said Otto Seitung 1909-1929. It looked like a memory album relatives or friends make if someone has passed away. He is the only person shown in the pictures in the album.

This Tiny Old German guy in the shop did not know much about him which made everything so damn interesting. He was a talk around during his last years on this earth trough to his odd apperance and strange doings. This Otto fella lived in this small hut outside of the village. He grew up and died very young at the age of 19 or 20. But apparently that was before he got born himself. He didn’t know the reason or how he died. Just some story his father told him.

Reason why he remembered the Otto story and my own interest for him is because of what he did.

He told me in bad English something about he painted on the walls inside of old abandoned houses. Not like typical graffiti but he collected those walls by cutting out the whole mural with all the layers of wood wallpaper and insulation in the wall also. So he had some heavy layered painted boards he just stored by his hut. He told me people saw him with his horse wagon transporting those walls from time to time. ‘That was it’ he said as he laughed in this pixyish scattering way.

In one of the pictures I see Otto sitting inside of this crammed hut filled up with some smaller painted walls. Around him, this is what really caught my breath, was piles of something that looks like dog hides/skins and one pile of something that definitely is cat skins.

Anyway…I will get my ass around to scan some of this stuff for you. I feel it is right to show of this loner that was about to make some astonishing stuff if he had shown the world and his life had not failed him so young. The album has even got some details of his painted walls. Wonderous odd stuff.

VHS abstractions

Erik Tidemann. C-prints

In 2003 I got seriously into the VHS business and everything I did was VHS related. I started demagnetizing, scratching, bleaching and all sort of ways to manipulate the VHS image. Off course I realized that demagnetizing old VHS tapes gave the best results. I put the tape back into the player and found the area I had worked with. The images was obscured and went everywhere both colors and picture with loads of flimses and obscurity that gave no interesting results. I think I bought 5 VHS players to see if the results were different after which player I used. They were both new and old second hand ones. And they gave different results. One of the players manage to freeze the damaged areas into crystal clear non-figurative images that came out really nice after my point of view. So I then crated a whole series of those images which I did transfer to my computer and printed them in large scale at a photography printing studio. Here are two examples of those.

Go ahead. Make yourself a shirt!

Erik Tidemann. Shirt (with all respect to Dead)


Erik Tidemann´s necroride

Black Botany. Part 1 (video)

Erik Tidemann. video.

bandrom 5 street music (video)

Street music by øyvind torvund
Håkon stene and anders førisdal plays.
Masks by Erik Tidemann

Rooftop Rushes in London 2005 (video)

Brad Downey´s bus journey for the ICA (institute of contemporary art). He really sounds like Buthead when he laughs though

Woodchoppin´chop chops. 2005 (video)

Woodchoppin´chop chops from Erik Tidemann on Vimeo.

Erik Tidemann. Video.
Our local hero wearing the face of a fallen deer while declaring war on non living napalm covered snowmen. Equipped with a bag full of molotow-coctails the idea was to melt the snowmen that instead of melting turned into black ice were they got burned. So our local hero learned his lesson and had to end the battle with a pretty shameful ritual.

Compilation of early films from 2001-2006 (video)

Erik Tidemann early films. Compilation (2001-2006) from Erik Tidemann on Vimeo.

Erik Tidemann. videos.
Sorry the bad quality as I found the shittiest VHS tapes the most giving recording devices for my videos during this time and I still enjoy them.

Hermetic order (video)

Hermetic Order from Brad Downey on Vimeo.

The Hermetic Order, 2005 – Current (work in progress)
Digital video, painting, sculpture, costume, drawing, installation
In collaboration with Erik Tidemann and Tahu Deans

The Hermetic Order (Working Title)
A film by Tahu Deans, Brad Downey and Erik Tidemann.


The film follows a fairy tale theme. It is split into three acts, each act offering a different world, life and afterlife, the real and imaginary, heaven and hell. The central role is provided by a mystical character, the leader of a secret society that carryout strange rituals. This character switches from being
a puppet (in the form of a disguised porcelain figurine of Jesus) to having a human form throughout the film. The film opens with him arriving at a black pyramid deep in a dark forest, inside is a temple, filled with strange paintings, sculptures and shrines. As the film progresses the main character becomes disillusioned with his secret society while at the same time becoming obsessed with a young princess. His obsessive love is shown by a series of voyeuristic scenes in which he is seen spying on the princess. Eventually
the disillusioned cult leader destroys his society with no resistance offered by his supporters who follow him in blind faith to their deaths. Having given up everything he then discovers the princess already has a lover, a knight who appears as two people. In an uncontrollable rage, the main character decides to take his life and the lives of everyone around him by destroying everything in one colossal explosion. This is the end of the first act.
The second act begins as the first act did with the main character walking through a landscape only this time he is in human form. Instead of a dark forest he is in a bright meadow and instead of a black pyramid he is walking towards a doorway in the landscape, a portal. This is the link between the two worlds. The next world is staged in a dilapidated urban environment, a distopian world of concrete ruins. None of the fairytale romance seen in the first act is present. The world is teeming with demnic characters, mutated versions
of all the characters in the first act. The main character, now always in human form becomes part of a strange ceremony
in which he is judged by a demonic witch and confronted by hisformer porcelain self. Once judged he is forced through another portal.

The third act begins with a single shot panning out from a close up of a tattoo of a shield with a sword emblem, a recurring image in costumes, paintings and sets through out the film. The shot eventually pans out to show a middle aged woman playing an accordion while being tattooed by a man in 1950’s style dress.


Illusion/Belief: The play between the real and imaginary is the central theme running through the film. The main character is a puppet with a real hand who also takes on a completely human form. Scenes filmed outside, on location have painted props scattered in them. The structure of the film incorporates live performance along side the projected film as well as moving sets onto which the film is projected. The venuein which the film is screened is also used as a scene in the film. The viewer is continuously asked to query there position in relation to the film and question what is real. The film world becomes part of the real world and visa versa. The film itself is silent with a musical score being played by a live musician, in the spirit of early silent cinema. This enhances the dream-like quality. We have been working with various musicians and intend on having several performances with different musicians.

Cults and Rituals: Concepts of magic and ritual are core elements in this film, the working title comes from “The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” (or “Golden Dawn”,
as it is commonly referred to). A Nineteenth Century esoteric
cult with a tradition of magical theurgy and spiritual development. The film uses the visual language of these kinds of secret societies without directly referancing a particular group. Through conversations and collaborations we have inadvertintly created a visual language of our own, full of symbolism that has a connection with these societies. Key scenes in the film are based around a black pyramid,
the head
quarters for the secret society, in which colourful and surreal rituals take place. The interior scenes for this are vital and we intend to film inside an existing Masonic Lodge like that in the Great Eastern Hotel. This would also be the ideal location to screen the film with the live performance.

Reappearance: Through out the film there is an endless recycling of imagery and characters. The visual language
we use continuously circles back to reveal parallels between characters and places. The symbol on the main characters hat is the same as the tattoo in the final scene, it is also the image that starts and ends the film; the pointed hats worn
by all the main characters are repeated in the form of the pyramid; paintings in the background become actual scenes. The characters themselves are repeated in different
materials and settings. This reappearance acts as a way
of homogenising the characters into elements of one individual. The repetition is used to play with a sense of time, and ultimately to disorient the audience. We want the film
to seem as though it could be looped so that the end becomes the beginning.

With its multi layered and inconsistent narrative, ambiguous in meaning, with an over elaborate and unconventional presentation we want the film to present a challenge to the viewer. Is it one story or two? Are there four main characters or eight or just one? Is there a point to the film or is it a stream-of-consciousness dream-like experience which enables us to present an audience with an assortment of our artwork. The Golden Dawn will be a visual feast, where we attempt to have the audience share in the surreal richness
of a world we have created.

Thanx to Brad Downey for publishing this article on:
Brad Downey´s website

Black Botany (2006). Part 1 & 2. Process photos by Ina Hoff Damli

Skogsunderhodning update in the mixed folder

Skogsunderhodning. Talk softly but carry a big stick in coloboration with Lisa Lie. Photo by Thomas Sørgård. 16 pics

Black botany. Part 4 (video)

Erik Tidemann. Black botany

Portraits by various photographers

Erik Tidemann/ Per Einar Matzow

Therese Alice Sanne

Jenny Skibenes

Lars Holan

Tor Holm

Marianne Berg Nilsen

New updates

I want to get the page descriptive enough about the chosen projects and easy for the viewer to navigate trough. This means that new paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed media projects will be posted. Notice that more pictures will often be found under the thumbnail picture when it comes to sculptures, paintings, drawings and mixed/installative work to show how the unity of the piece/ how the room feels. All pictures can be enlarged further to maximum sizes if you click in the top right corner of each picture.

So further to come is more work to all genres, bios and artist statements, critiques, and more descriptive images to each sculpture, installation piece + some bits and bubs to the design etc… Ill try to keep it updated here in the update (b)log.

New Studio Space!

I am now in the middle of moving studio space. I am leaving Marienborg after it has served me for 4 years. I have got to much work and the space is to small. The brass band playing in the not to isolated floor above me did not really help the situation either.

My new studio will also be in Trondheim ( it is at prinsenkrysset in kongensgate) for another 6 months till I am moving to Oslo this summer. So for the next week I will have enough stuff to move.

In Progress

Erik Tidemann. Preview of the soon to be completed man beast piece I am making. Half man half bear. Scavenging trashbins in the nite. This piece is followed up with a new green ooze mutilated wild boar piece called ´The tyrant is dead´and a necro roe deer trophy that is still without a title. Comming soon

Trailer trash series

Erik Tidemann in coloboration with Thomas Sørgård

Sentimental values from Norwegian grimness

info om bilde

Bergen 02.04.2011- 08.05.2011

The second of april at 18.00 My new show with Prins Preben and Karen Nikgol opens at Gallery SE.
Galleri SE

Giantskullboss online


Erik Tidemann

Born: Trondheim, Norway 29.01.1982
Address: Østfoldgata 2. 0656 Oslo. Norway
Phone: +47 92415773
Org. nr: 990 913 978


2004- 2006 MFA Painting. Slade School of Fine Art. University College London, UK
2001- 2004 BA Hons Fine Art (First Class). The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, UK
1998- 2001 Tegning Form Farge. Ringve V.G.S. Trondheim, Norway


Solo Shows

2012 `Giantskullboss’. Trondheim Kunstforening
2011 `Lovechild´. NoPlace. Oslo
2010 `Wasteland Comics´. Trondheim Prosjektrom
2009 ‘The Eazy-E HIV Odyssey’ Gallery SteinslandBerliner. Stockholm
2009 ‘It Has Been a Long Time Since I Saw Your Face’ Galleri Blunk. Trondheim
2008 ‘Fire Girl Say you Will’. Galleri Hanne. Trondheim
2007 ‘Kick Out the Titans AKA Nidrosian Black Mass’.  Marienborg Prosjekthall. Trondheim
2006 ‘Nunchuckin’ Nunchucks’. Galleri Tautra, Frosta, Norway
2005 ‘Woodchoppin’ Chop Chops’. Et Stunt. Trondheim

Group Shows

2011 `Trøndelagsutstillingen 35`. Dora, Trondheim
2011 `3worldsin1´, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2011 `Polemically Small´. Torrence Art Museum, California
2011 `Girls & Ammo´. Galleri S.E. Bergen
2010 ‘FWD´. Fjordgata 19. Trondheim
2010 `Festen´. Trondheim Kunstmuseum
2010 `Trøndelagsutstillinga 2011. Dora Trondheim
2010 `News Fom the Neighbours. Charlotte Fogh Contemporary. Århus, Denmark
2010 ‘Blikk på Dyr. Trondheim Kunstmuseum
2010 `Northern Twilight. Galleri Agnes Amstaff. Oslo
2009 `Demonology´Charlie Smith Gallery. London
2009 ‘The Future Can Wait 2009’ Old Truman Brewery, London
2009 ‘Trøndelagsutstillinga’ TSSK og Dora. Trondheim
2009 ‘Ishihara Exhibition’  Study Gallery. Poole, UK
2009 ‘Cosmic Debris, Podium. Oslo
2009 ‘Jubileumsutstilling’ Galleri PlussMinus, Trondheim
2009 ‘NEW LONDON SCHOOL’ Galerie Schuster. Berlin
2008  ‘Scope Art Fair’. London
2008  ‘The Future Can Wait 2008’. Atlantis Gallery. London
2008  ‘Art Copenhagen’ m. Galleri Brandstrup. Forum, Copenhagen
2008  ‘Norske Bilder’. Oslo Rådhus.
2008  ‘Dnb Nor & Sparebankens Stipendutstilling’. Oslo Kunstforening
2008  ‘Speculum Virginium’. Galleri Tautra, Frosta
2008 ’`Anyone got Wood’ Allmenna galleriet 925.  Stockholm
2008 ‘Project New Spaces’. Galleri PlussMinus Trondheim
2008 ‘Trøndelagsutstillinga’. Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Norway
2007 ‘Ung Kunst i Dag 2’. Galleri Ismene, Trondheim
2007 ‘The Future Can Wait’. Atlantis Gallery, London
2007 ‘Mariautstilling’. Galleri Tautra, Frosta
2006 ‘Kollektivutstilling’. Galleri Tautra, Frosta
2006 ‘11 Rooms of Art 15 Artists 3 Days’. Halfway House. Clapham, London
2006 ‘Slade Postgraduate Show’. UCL, Gower St. London
2006 ‘Dry Fist’. La-Viande Gallery, London
2005 ‘The Day of Damaged Goods’. Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2005 ‘Fresh Milk’. MILK Studios 450 West 15th St. New York
2005 ‘Always Let Me Go’. UKS, Oslo & Galleri Tautra, Frosta
2005 ‘Between’. Rahuset, Halmtorvet, Copenhagen
2005 ‘The Rules of Space’. Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London
2004 ‘Twonineeight’. 93FeatEast, London
2004 ‘Sweet FA’. Old Truman Brewery, London
2004 ‘Don’t Hate Congratulate’. The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
2003 ‘A Puzzle For a Curious Girl’. The AIB Gallery Poole
2003 ‘The Deerman Shows you the Void of Infinite’. The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
2001 ‘Trøndelagsutstillinga’. Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst,

Related Work Experience

2011 ´Deadog`fashion photo shot/ illustration for Natt&Dag Trondheim
2010 Album Cover for Rest of My Life, Trondheim
2010 Resident Artist. Nidrosian Black Mass 3. Trondheim
2010 Resident Artist. Storåsfestivalen. Norway
2010 Resident Artist. Støy på Landet Festivalen. Norway
2009 Resident Artist. Storåsfestivalen. Norway
2009 Jurymember for the exhibition at UKM. Trondheim
2008 Indoor murals and oil paintings. Crash (nightclub). Trondheim
2008 Resident artist. Nidrosian Black Mass 2. Trondheim
2007-2008 Scenography/ Actor. ‘Skogsunderholdning. Talk Softly but Carry a Big Stick’. Teaterhuset Avant Garden Trondheim, Grusomhetens Teater Oslo, Markedet for Scenekunst Sandefjord, Black Box Oslo, Teatergarasjen Bergen
2007 Resident Artist. ‘Bylarm’. Dora, Trondheim
2007 Logo for the record label ‘Terratur Possessions’, Norway
2006 Visiting lecturer. The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
2003 Interior Mural. Pirbadet. Trondheim
2002 Gallery Assistant. Trondhjems Kunstforening
2002 Community mural project. Svartlamoen, Trondheim
2000 Resident Artist. ‘2xH Hip Hop Festivalen’. Trondheim


Grants & Scholarships

2011 Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond
2010 Arbeidstipend´Bildene Kunstneres Hjelpefond
2009 1 årig Arbeidstipend Bildene Kunstneres Hjelpefond
2008 Publikumsprisen for Trøndelagsutstillinga Regional Norwegian public arts award
2008 Kritikerprisen for Trøndelagsutstillinga Regional Norwegian critic award
2007 Statens Utstillingsstipend (The Norwegian exhibition grant)


2011 ‘Adios 4‘,
2011 `SE Trøndelag! Kunst og visuell kultur i midten av Norge´,bind III. Tapir Akademisk Forlag, Trondheim
2010 ‘The Art of Rebellion 3‘, Publikat Verlags- und Handels GmbH & Co
2009 ‘Foreningen Marienborg Atelierfelleskap
2008 ‘Hellbound’, Laurence King Publishing


3/2011 Billedkunst, Symbolsafari
04.2011 Adresseavisen, Eriks favoritter
April 20011 Natt&Dag (Trondheim), Deadog
.04.2011 Adresseavisen, Tidemann selger
15.11.2010 Adresseavisen, Slutt for metalfestival
13.11.2010 Adresseavisen, Mørk machomesse
Fall&Winter 2011 JPEOPLE13, Beavis and Butthead og camping
10.11.2010 Natt&Dag, Tidemann og det gode
09.10.2010 Adresseavisen, Etter apocalypsen
05.10.2010 Adresseavisen, Segals Kyr
05.10.2010 Adresseavisen, Avlyser Nazikonsert etter massiv kritikk
14.09.2010 Byavisa, Kunst av dødt dyreliv
04.09.2010 Adresseavisen, Let ettter motstand
04.09.2010 Adresseavisen, The dark side of Trondheim
23.08.2010 Adresseavisen, Pse opp!
31.07.2010 Adresseavisen, Rådyr på krigsstien i Storåsskogen
20.07.2010 Trønderbladet, Støy på landet
02.2010 Sorgenfri, Kunstnerisk mageslag
Vinter 2009 Novell, Gangsterns liv efter døden
11.11.2009 Adresseavisen, Trondheim topp 100
24.09.2009 Dagens Nyheter, Rappares helvetesresa tolkad
12.09.2009 Adresseavisen, De unges show
04.09.2009 Adresseavisen. Trøndersk billedkunst akkurat nå
03.08.2009 Adresseavisen, Naturens hevn på Storås
25.07.2009 Sør Trøndelag, Tilbake til røttene
16.05.2009 Adresseavisen, Flygende øyeepler
30.11.2008 VG, Kafegjestene RØMTE fra likstanken
29.11.2008 Adresseavisen, Måtte stenge på grunn av likstank
12.10.2008 Aftenposten, Kunstkjøperne kvier seg
19.09.2008 Jyllandsposten, Krgssvin intar Forum
19.09.2008 Politikken, Kunstmesse med træhytte og vildsvin i pigtråd
09/10.2008 Plan B, Erik Tidemann
06.09.2008 Adresseavisen, Tidemann og Sadopurkene
02.05.2008 Dagbladet Fredag, Hjortejegeren
17.03.2008 Kunstkritikk, Innhentet ekspertise
06.03.2008 Adresseavisen, Mer skogsunderholdning
2/ 2008 Billedkunst, Gi rom for kunst
17.12.2007 Eternal Terror, Nidrosian Black Mass
04.12.2007 Adresseavisen, Svartekunst
30.11.2007 Adresseavisen, Dyrisk Kunst
19.05.2007 Adresseavisen, Maria for det 21. århundre
12.05.2007 Aftenposten, Særegen Skogstur
03.05.2007 Adresseavisen, En virkelighet av grantrær og døde dyr
08.06.2007 Sandefjrds Blad, Scenekunst trekker flere
2007 Chief Magazine Issue 2, Erik Tidemann
2011 ‘Kunsten og overleve‘. 2011 C. TVF HIL



Erik Tidemann

Østfoldgata 2
0656 Oslo
Phone: +47 924 15 773
E-Mail: eriktidemann(at)
Org. nr: 990 913 978

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